About Us


Hollywood Dark Castle Film Production was founded by Steven Vitali who is best known for his chart topping and record breaking albums and instrumentals. His music is heard worldwide on broadcast radio networks, television networks, and in films. He is an award winning Hollywood composer, arranger, producer.

The company offers exceptional skills in film production, post production, editing, cinematography, photography, score composing and audio products.


Hollywood Dark Castle Film Production was conceived to further develop films to the world that attracts those searching for movies and documentaries with depth, with mystery, that inspire, that are thrilling along with soundtrack and new age music.


Our movies are driven to wake up your senses along with wonderment. Our films are created to attract those looking for excitement, those searching for beauty in life’s experiences, and yet known to excite and thrill audiences.


We also produce feature film shorts and commercials.


The 2019 hdcfp Team

The People of HDCFP

Grace  Vitali

President. Principal Producer, Writer, Assistant Editor

Steven Vitali

Founder/Chief Financial Officer. Writer, Director, Online Editor, Producer, Score Composer

Yvonne Lu

Executive Producer, Production Manager

Ewart Chin

Creative Development,

Coordinator, Development & Production

Meghan Noone

Casting Producer, Film Set Health & Wellness Professional

Dana Ross


Cristina Romero

Hair and Makeup

Rachael Willams

Office Manager

David Mendez

Visual Effects Supervisor, Camera, Engineer

Master Yang Bingli


Camera Operator, (DOP)  Sound Mixer (Sound Recordist) 

Writer, Editor, Production Assistant

John Jones

Location Scout

Maria Garcia

Executive Director

Agent, head of security - Movie set security - Travel security - Event security - Protective security

Location Manager – In charge of attaining all legal film permits and other clearances needed

Marketing Coordinator - Territory, Asia and United States